Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look no. 4
Color scheme: blue & orange
Get the look:
HAIR- the bangs are found on the girl on Reality TV island who is standing near Mike's Market. The ponytail is found on the girl who is at "Ye Old Poptropica Store" on Astro Knights island. To get the color, either use the colorizer or go to 24 Carrot Island and at the drink machine inside the Carrot King Diner use red and soften it with yellow to get this bright orange color.
SHIRT- found on Astro Knights island on the guy outside of the Crop Circle Inn.
SKIRT- found on the girl who greets you when you first enter Counterfeit island.
NECKLACE- this pretty blue necklace is found on the girl outside of the destroyed castle on Astro Knights island.
BELT- this matching blue belt is found on the same girl.
What to love: you gotta love the fab accessories, no doubt about it. They match the outfit fabulously and make this naturally beautiful look even more fab! Be sure to complete the look with the skin tone lips found on Mythology island on the girl who you see when you first enter the island.

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