Friday, June 4, 2010

Look no. 5
Color scheme: pink & gold
Get the look:
Before you can rock out this look, you have to beat Mythology island! Think of this outfit as your reward for all of your hard work on beating the island!
HAIR- the beautiful hair with roses is found on Aphrodite on Mythology island. The blush, bangs and gold earrings are found on the woman on the Grove Of Temples outside of the temple of music. Don't forget the side swept bangs which can be found on the guy standing outside of TV World on Reality TV island. This color was made with the colorizer, but it can be mimicked at the drink machine inside the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot Island.
SHIRT- this glamorous pink top can also be found on Aphrodite.
SKIRT- this pretty pink skirt is found on the surfer right next to Aphrodite.
NECKLACE- this fab necklace is found on Aphrodite.
BELT- this glorious gold belt is found on Poseidon.
What to love: this one's a no brainer. You have got to love the hair! It's unique and it brings together the simple twist on the always glamorous Aphrodite. This hairstyle looks incredible with the ensemble and no matter what fancy outfit you match it to, it will always be sure to wow your trend follower!

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