Thursday, May 27, 2010


Of course it's important to know what to wear on Poptropica, but a lot don't understand what not to wear and why it's important! Obviously if you know what to wear, you're looking hot. But sometimes, if you miss that one detail, that one thing you shouldn't wear, then everything could go poorly and you could end up looking like a fool! To always be looking fresh off the magazine cover, follow these tips and you'll be the prettiest and most fashion savvy honey around!

1. Wacky colored skin. Trying to rock that new lime green skin you just got on Poptropica? Give it up. Any unnatural colored skin is unattractive and tacky. You may think it looks cool, but honestly, it don't. Stick to the natural colors such as peaches and browns and you'll be lookin' great all season! (The only exception for colored skin is goths! Keep rockin' the pure white skin, guys!)
2. Mismatched accessories and clothes. Love that new red shirt and those green glasses you found on Poptropica? Well, it's time to call the fashion police! If you match the wrong colors, your outfit will clash. Be sure to always match your clothes to be looking stylish!
3. Gross colored hair. Just changed your Poptropican's hair color to brownish green? YUCK! Any color that you don't see ANYWHERE often, is a bad choice. But keep rocking the pink, blue or even red hair! As long as it's a cute, happy color, you can never go wrong!
4. Big glasses with classy dresses. Are you proud of your new, sparkly dress for your Poptropican? Then don't hide it's beauty under a pair of big chunky glasses! On poptropica, if you're wearing a dress, you're showing your beautiful eyes. If you're wearing a casual shirt and some colored leggings, don't be afraid to show your funky side with some cute specs!

1. Crazy hair styles. Has your Poptropican's hair been down, without bangs for a while? Don't be afraid to spiff it up with a few funky, chunky bangs and a crazy up-do! Don't hide your creative side under drab hair!
2. Colored hair. Obviously, we go against yucky colored hair like greenish brown, but don't be afraid to hide under naturals! Pink or purple hair can add a serious amount of zing to your outfit! Just be sure whatever color you choose, it matches what you're wearing! Buy the colorizer from the Poptropica store to get an entire rainbow and beyond of colors for your hair! If you don't wanna buy, just go to 24 Carrot island inside the Carrot King Diner for a small selection of colors at the drink machine.
3. Accessories. Every outfit can be complete with accessories! Look around for some because as you probably haven't noticed before, they're everywhere! Just be sure to match them to your outfit!
4. Your own creativity. Just because I give a few tips here and there on my blog doesn't mean you have to follow all of these rules! At your own sense of style to your Poptropican by looking for a hairstyle, hair color or accessory that suits your own style. Just remember to look good and note if you're not setting trends, it might not be a savvy choice!


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