Friday, May 21, 2010

Look no. 3
Color Scheme: blue & purple
Get the look:
HAIR- the bangs, blush and earrings all come together and are found on the girl when you first enter Mythology Island (the skin tone lips are found on the same girl). The braids are found on Shark Tooth island on the girl on Ancient Ruins. To get the color, go to 24 Carrot island and inside the Carrot King Diner, mix yellow and white at the drink machine until you get this light blonde color.
DRESS- Go left when you first enter Nabooti island. This dress is found on the girl near the box marked "AIRMAIL".
What to love: love the simplicity of the outfit. It doesn't take much to put together this divine outfit and everything matches
perfectly! You've gotta love the matching dress and earrings!

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