Monday, May 17, 2010

Look no. 2
Color scheme: purple & white
Get the look:
HAIR- the fancy hairstyle (headband and earrings included) is found on Spy island in B.A.D Bistro on the lady sitting at the table. The bangs are found on Reality TV island on the girl near Mike's Market. Be sure to go to 24 Carrot island inside the Carrot King Diner to change your hair color to black at the drink machine.
SHIRT- found on Mythology island on the woman inside Herc's Hero Hut.
SKIRT- this stylish skirt can be found on the girl on the right who greets you when you first arrive to Counterfeit island.
NECKLACE- this necklace is also found on the woman inside B.A.D Bistro.
What to love: you gotta love the matching shirt and lips (lips also found on Mythology island in Herc's Hero Hut)! Being the only real color in the ensemble, they seriously make the look pop!

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